Adea Albania | Adea’s Policy
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Adea’s Policy

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ADEA’s Policy on Diversity and Inclusion

ADEA Ltd (hereinafter “ADEA”), including all its directors, executives, employees and subsidiary and affiliated companies, is committed to nurturing a diverse workplace, which embraces individuals of different backgrounds and encourages and empowers all individuals to contribute to the maximum extent of their capabilities. This is far more than an absence of discrimination. It is ADEA’s commitment to recruiting, developing, advancing, recognizing, rewarding and retaining individuals of diverse backgrounds and with diverse skills and to maintaining a culture in which all people are respected and differences are celebrated. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is grounded in our core values of “caring” and “getting it done together.” We believe our business success relies on the collective skill, creativity and motivation of our colleagues and that individual differences make us stronger together. A foundation of diversity at our company strengthens our communities and society, and we have a shared responsibility to provide equal opportunity and foster an inclusive spirit. Further, we believe compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements designed to promote diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our corporate well-being and that by striving for excellence in this area, we also protect, enhance and create value for our organization. . These beliefs are consistent with our “Purpose and Values and Code of Conduct”. We educate, inform and engage in dialogue with employees to ensure all those covered by this policy are aware of our expectations and their responsibilities.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Aspiration, Approach and Commitments

Respect for all

We operate with respect for all individuals and preserve the dignity of every individual with whom we interact. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, intimidation, humiliation, bullying, unfair treatment or hurtful or inappropriate behaviour at any time. We hope everyone involved in ADEA’s business feels proud, respected and valued each day they come to work.

Gender equality

We nurture an organization that welcomes all genders at all levels, from our Board of Directors and Executive Committee to management positions. We actively support the recruitment, development, promotion and retention of women, and provide leadership and development programs to promote their success. Our aspiration is to achieve gender equality at all levels of the organization.


We believe an inclusive culture is critical to allow ADEA and our communities to reap the benefits of our collective diversity. We aim to provide all employees with diversity and inclusion awareness programs and recognize and reward positive actions.

Application of this Policy

Kjo politikë është miratuar nga Bordi Drejtues i kompanisë dhe është e mbështetur nga procedurat e brendshme të cilat sigurojnë që angazhimet tona të zbatohen, përfshirë ketu edhe auditime periodike. Ne e kemi njoftuar këtë politikë tek çdo punonjës dhe në faqen zyrtare të kompanisë.